Persephone Domains

I’m pretty sure that Persephone is also the goddess of late-night phone calls, long-distance relationships, adapting to a new place after marriage, and triumphing over assholes.

Sweet Honey Rock

I've got an instrumental song made! It is probably going to undergo some revisions, but feel free to email me if you'd like a listen!

Also got some lyrics and melody for one piece - next step is to record. And several lyrics for others.


Song to Ceres

Flowers bloom where I step

And leave where I've left

The sun shines in my hair

And I expunge the pomegranate from my body

I will never go back,

But if I have to

I know Ceres will be calling my name

and I will be calling out my own.

© 2018 Bettina Adragna. All rights reserved.

Email up, and a song

Update: The song is finished.

The email should be functional again!

On another note, here's a song I've had for a while. I don't know for sure what the coda is yet, but I have an idea.


Ariel (Landing)

I'm learning to live again on land

I don't expect you to understand

where I'm from - the water's warm on my skin

I miss my sisters, and the gentle men

The music of voices along the coast

The silence as you face the lonely shore

With treasures from the sea held in your hand


They say on land, you can dance all night

But I didn't know it would be so cold

And I don't know where I'm going, just what I am

I'm a wreck


I'm learning to live again on land

And it hurts every time I take a step

My feet are split, and my skin's so dry

But I'm getting better

learning to live on land


I'm learning to live again on land

There's a place at the table and people I know

are calling my name, but my heart is set

It is mine to bear, so I'm learning

to live again on land

I walk on two legs

And I dance.

© 2018 Bettina Adragna. All rights reserved.

This was heavily inspired by Cher Lloyd's "Sirens," among others.

Web site up, email down

My website took a temporary hiatus over the summer as the domain switched over. Unfortunately, I didn't know that this affected my email here.

So, if you sent anything to, I apologize - I did not receive any emails from May or June onwards, but wasn't aware of this issue until the past week or so.

While I get the email running again, I'll try to set up a form here, and you should still be able to call my Google voice number at 831-204-8221. You can also contact me at my personal email if you already have it.

I hope to have more photos up soon. I'm still looking for collaborators for parody songs, and, at this rate, I might start having enough to have a CD. :D

Happy Autumn!

The debut of Daenerys (tease) - role-playing development - Tesla

The Daenerys cosplay was a success. I'm on the lookout for photos, especially with me on the Iron Throne. In the meantime, I've added a few older photos, and a few new. One of them is a reprise from several years ago - the first cosplay I did as an adult. I still love Neil Gaiman's Death.

It was neat to hear George R. R. Martin read from what he's working on, though I'm really sad I missed the Game of Aces show. I also met another Mother of Dragons to set up a playdate with. :)

The role-playing game is still going strong. I have to remind myself that not everyone may find my character as fascinating as I do. What can I say? She's the first that has been this developed in a long time. My film-noir/detective vampire is also starting to develop.

I've decided I want a steampunk attitude with a cyberpunk aesthetic. About a century later, the Tesla cars are becoming all the rage, which seems like a very steampunk thing to happen. It makes me want to go back to watching "The Legend of Korra." I was not always very interested in cars, but my vampire character's friends and my real-life friends have me thinking about fast, red cars that move on electricity.


Devil In A New Dress

If I’m going to have angst, it’s going to be new angst.

If I’m going to be insane, let it be new insanity.

The devil you don’t know is better than the devil you know

Because you’ve already been through that.

And who knows what heaven you may find

In that strange hell?

-          Sophie, the Ingenue

© 2018 Bettina Adragna. All rights reserved.

Don't worry, I'm not dead.

Just incubating.

Pots I have on the stove:

A Game of Thrones musical parody video

My live-action role-playing characters that are cooking nicely

Cosplay projects for upcoming cons, and Halloween!


Stay tuned, folks. I'm on my way.


Mercury Retrograde Restoration

So, I know all of you may not believe in astrology, and I myself am very hesitant of looking for patterns that aren’t there.

But I’ve found it interesting lately. In particular, I’ve found the symbolism and descriptions of Marina over at Darkstar Astrology to be evocative and relevant to what’s currently going on.

Here are some observations from last night, during a Mercury Retrograde period. (Tonight, by the way, is a lunar eclipse.)

I found during my last Mercury Retrograde period that I was going through my filing cabinet. I was getting ready to move, so I made it a point to get rid of old files and folders that didn’t apply anymore and create a better system of organization for the files I chose to keep.

This time was more of a digital reorganization (which is also very in character for Mercury). I had been having an issue with my phone where it kept telling me it could not sync because the storage was full. I wasn’t quite sure why this was the case.

I started by transferring a lot of pictures and videos to my computer, which I needed to do anyway because my computer is backed up and if I care about something, it shouldn’t just be on my phone and photo stream. I had also been in the process of removing unnecessary apps and reorganizing how they were presented a bit.

This helped, but wasn’t enough. I still had 5 gigs or so taken up by a mysterious “other” category. I googled it and found this article:

Apart from giving me a few suggestions to try, such as deleting some missed calls and my Safari browser cache, Nicole suggested there might be a problem with corrupted data, and to back up, sync, and restore your iPhone and see if that helped.

The past few days, I had also been dealing with a problem with my backup program not backing up properly, which I addressed. (Backblaze apparently has pretty good technical support.) Funnily enough, this also possibly had to do with “corrupted data,” in the sense that for some reason some core components of the program were missing, and it was not generating the file lists properly. I ended up downloading the latest version and reinstalling it to see if that helped, and it did solve that problem.

Meanwhile, while I was going through the restore of the phone, I started going through old emails since the GeekSugar article also suggested deleting and re-adding your email account to your phone. In the midst of that, Google Mail decided to tell me it had a new system of organization. So I spent a few minutes going through that and organizing which tabs each type of email would go under, as well as creating filters that would automatically delete messages I was no longer interested in.

Once the email organization and setup was taken care of (this was before the phone restore), I could go through my unread emails in a more orderly fashion. I ended up going to three different financial websites and downloading a backlog of old statements and organizing them on my hard drive, which could now be backed up properly.

It was funny, because the timing of this was almost… guided. (Not sure if I believe in a sentient “higher power,” but sometimes I have some kind of funny luck and timing.) I finished downloading the files from the third web site just as the phone was finishing restoring.

Poof, there we go – suddenly I have 4 or 5 gigs left of storage on my phone that was previously taken up by “other.”

I decided it was time to take a bath while my phone started repopulating itself. My phone was okay. I went to bed feeling cleansed, “restored,” and accomplished.


Magic has rules. Magic has consequences.

To me, this is the only fair way to view the universe.

Now, magic can be truly wonderful. But I think the fact that magic has rules serves both as a comfort and a warning.

Yes, I Am

As I mentioned, I'm in what will probably be my last show on island!

It's called "Yes, I Am." It's with Playbuilders, Hawaii, and it's about the experiences of LGBTQIA people. We wrote the script as an ensemble based on interviews with people in the community. (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Ally.)

I'm pretty excited about this. So, if you want more information, go to

Shamanistic Theatre


At tonight's rehearsal, we discussed a little bit what we were doing in terms of theatre and its role in general society.

Our director, Ron, mentioned that this process is rather shamanistic. And I've written here before about the link for me between spirituality, healing, and theatre.

So, I've decided - no matter what happens money-wise, my goal is to do this kind of theatre. It doesn't always have to be devised theatre, though I am really liking this. But I am thinking back to the time when I was in middle school when I first started watching musicals, and how I fell in love. It was because of the story, and because of the way the music and the movement, and the story and the energy, made me feel, and think, and how with any good story, you take that knowledge and experience and carry it over to other parts of your life.

Communal healing, indeed, but also very individual. After a show, you don't normally talk to other audience members (except maybe the ones you came with) about how the show impacted you and the emotions and life experiences you worked through during the show. It's normally a private thing.

But healing, as a society, has to start with the individual. So each individual audience member, even if they don't talk to the others, has their own healing work that has hopefully happened during the show. And the great thing about live theatre is that it is a communal experience, even if the internal dialogue is not publicized. You're there with the other audience members, but you are also there with the performers, and the audience can give the performers live, instant feedback about whether what they are doing is working.

Really, the performers are there for the audience - which should seem like a "duh" realization, but I think it's pretty easy from a performer's standpoint for other motivations to get in the way. But the goal of theatre, at least from my perspective, is healing.


I don't want to give myself the illusion that I have more choice than I do. For example, some people believe that before they were born, they chose to live on this earth and learn specific lessons.

I have no way of knowing if this is true for myself. And while I do have a lot of power, there are a lot of other people who have power, too, as well as nonsentient forces such as weather and inanimate objects.

On the other hand, I don't want to give up power that I do have available. There are some who believe that there is some kind of divine plan or guidance for us, and that if we just go along with it, we'll be okay somehow. I have been trying to figure out if this is true for a while.

I'm thinking now that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I don't know exactly where.

Be the Art

You know that saying, "Be the change you want to see in the world?"
I think I can inspire myself by modifying it to,

"Be the art you want to see in the world."

Bettina the Bard

I've had this archetype in this head for a while, but I think it's crystallizing now.

I think I am a bard.

There are other terms I like - troubadour, for instance - but then you get into distinctions of high class versus low class, composer or someone who sings someone else's songs - and I really like the connotations "bard" has.

In fantasy genres, bards often have their own magic powers as well relating to performance. They can cast spells - sort of making the idea of the influence of their songs very literal.

It's nice, because I was also debating adding "sorceress" (another fantasy class/archetype) to my idea of self, and I might still do it - but since bards can often cast their own spells, literally or otherwise, I'm not sure it's necessary.

So there you have it. I am a bard.