Capricorn Moon

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to participate once again in a Full Moon Ecstatic Dance, put together by Red Tent Hawaii

It was, of course, a beautiful night, and I am very thankful for the ability to take part in such a beautiful event.

I learned a few things during this moving meditation.

I learned that we need to send positive energy to the Earth, but we could send both positive and negative energy and both things would be good.

I learned that all of life is a meditation, and that I have been attempting to do this for a very long time.

I learned that breathing is indeed the gateway to these kinds of experiences.

I learned what it was like to be in the ocean under a full moon. The waves were strong and a little scary. It was a lovely feeling, though.

Maybe because it was an earth moon, I realized you could go even farther than the heart of the earth while grounding, all the way to the other end, sort of like the earth’s own root chakra. You could also spontaneously send out energy. It spooked me a bit when the facilitator said something about sending our energy out into the cosmos, when I had been doing just that.

I laughed a little when she said we were swimming in an ocean of dolphins. It made me want to laugh. But I thought that would be appropriate since dolphins are humorous creatures.

I learned that we very well might, indeed, end in death. That there might be nothing.  But this might be a release, a blessing. That we, and the universe, expand and contract like a heartbeat.  Both states of being are okay.

I looked up into the stars and just saw the stars. I didn’t think about myself. This, I think, is the essence of what it means to be “enlightened,” or all those blessed spiritual states that are supposed to be the goal of everything. You can reach it almost anywhere, it’s just about focusing on a particular action… in this case, dance. You do it long enough and you stop thinking about yourself. And you can come back refreshed, having been out of your head for a little while.

It’s like you’re a different person. Our consciousness is bound together by all these experiences. Sometimes I feel like the consciousness that experienced one experience is not even the same consciousness that experienced another experience, because they were both so different. But it’s all me. It has happened to the same body. It’s an interesting thing.

Finally I learned to appreciate and embrace each breath and moment of awareness, even if it includes unpleasant sensations such as anxiety. I figured out that being aware will spur me to action sooner, if it is needed, or allow me to enjoy the current moment if nothing is wrong.