Bettina the Bard

I've had this archetype in this head for a while, but I think it's crystallizing now.

I think I am a bard.

There are other terms I like - troubadour, for instance - but then you get into distinctions of high class versus low class, composer or someone who sings someone else's songs - and I really like the connotations "bard" has.

In fantasy genres, bards often have their own magic powers as well relating to performance. They can cast spells - sort of making the idea of the influence of their songs very literal.

It's nice, because I was also debating adding "sorceress" (another fantasy class/archetype) to my idea of self, and I might still do it - but since bards can often cast their own spells, literally or otherwise, I'm not sure it's necessary.

So there you have it. I am a bard.