The debut of Daenerys (tease) - role-playing development - Tesla

The Daenerys cosplay was a success. I'm on the lookout for photos, especially with me on the Iron Throne. In the meantime, I've added a few older photos, and a few new. One of them is a reprise from several years ago - the first cosplay I did as an adult. I still love Neil Gaiman's Death.

It was neat to hear George R. R. Martin read from what he's working on, though I'm really sad I missed the Game of Aces show. I also met another Mother of Dragons to set up a playdate with. :)

The role-playing game is still going strong. I have to remind myself that not everyone may find my character as fascinating as I do. What can I say? She's the first that has been this developed in a long time. My film-noir/detective vampire is also starting to develop.

I've decided I want a steampunk attitude with a cyberpunk aesthetic. About a century later, the Tesla cars are becoming all the rage, which seems like a very steampunk thing to happen. It makes me want to go back to watching "The Legend of Korra." I was not always very interested in cars, but my vampire character's friends and my real-life friends have me thinking about fast, red cars that move on electricity.